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Soft touch saks 5"
DKK 165,00
Super Schere stofsaks 8"
DKK 199,00
Super schere stofsaks 5"
DKK 154,00
Fantaskisk god saks, Karen Kay Buckley 7 1/2 inch Large Purple
DKK 249,00
DESCRIPTION Advantages Of Micro Serrated Blade Keeps Fabric From Slipping So Cutting Is More Accurate. Helps to Prevent Frayed Edges And Cuts Up to 8 Layers Of Cotton Fabric Easily. Protective Plastic...
Paul broderisaks 3.1/2" 965
DKK 129,00
Gingher 6" applikations saks 01-005278
DKK 275,00
Best suited for applique work embroidery and rug making Product Features. Paddle-shaped blade pushes away layer of fabric or embroidery backing for a clear cutting path. Allows controlled cuts close...

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